take on justice.

There aren’t many companies that provide legal benefits for homebuyers, and none of them do exactly what Mountain West Legal Protective does. Neither do they hold the same beliefs about providing justice to all, regardless of income or connections. MWLP has created something entirely unique in Homebuyer Legal Protection because we realized we think differently and therefore must do things differently.

At MWLP, we believe that we have the opportunity and responsibility to help level the legal playing field. Pursuing that goal, MWLP worked to receive groundbreaking approval from the Utah Supreme Court to make sure we could do things our way with HLP.

That is, by allowing millions of homebuyers the chance to share the cost of legal protection, we make justice a realistic and affordable option for all, if and when they need it most.

We don’t offer a monthly contract or subscription-type commitment either. We offer a one-time purchase at a flat rate for six years of promised legal protection—through full-blown litigation—against seller disclosure fraud. This way, we provide homebuyers distinctive financial freedom and peace of mind before anything even happens, all the way through the process, and afterward as they enjoy the assurance that they had the best legal team on their side all along.

Another unconventional MWLP move? We don’t outsource the legal services we offer. We are one-of-a-kind in our ownership + legal representative roles which makes us doubly invested in the outcomes we reach for our clients. MWLP was formed by lawyers, business professionals, insurance experts, real estate brokers, and entrepreneurs who are anxious to tackle the issues of unspecialized and exorbitantly-priced legal help. Thus, HLP was thoughtfully and carefully created in our attempt to provide justice for all.

Why Seller
Disclosure Fraud?

HLP is a completely unique layer of protection in a process where you’re left vulnerable from every angle—including the past. Unlike a warranty or home insurance coverage, HLP is legal protection against what has happened to a buyer’s home before they owned it—those unseen damages and disputes that the previous owners fail to disclose, sticking the buyer with the aftermath and the bill.

But with an HLP plan, no homebuyer will have to worry about legal fees being added to the nightmare of seller disclosure fraud. Only HLP offers buyers equal access to the justice system and years of peace of mind for a nominal one-time fee. It is an imperative tool in the homebuying toolkit that no buyer should be without—and that’s why we found it so important to offer.

Legal Specialties

• Real Estate Law

• Seller Disclosure Fraud

• Litigation

• Purchase Contract Law

• Civil Process

• Small Claims Court

• Jury Trials

• Demand Letters

• Bench Trials

• Counter Claims

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320 W 500 S Suite 200 Bountiful, UT 84010

Phone: 801-683-2999
Fax: 801-683-2999